About us

Schnell is the world leader company in rebar processing machinery and software technologies.
Founded in 1962, it is the leading company of an important industrial Group. It is the main research and production centre and it supplies technological, management and commercial support to the whole Group.
Schnell Group is a multinational reality made up of 13 companies – 7 for machine production, 1 for software programs and 5 for service supply.
Schnell is a global company operating in over 150 countries through its network of branches, and its 50 importers and agents. Every day a network of over 40 assistance centers ensures a fast and efficient service and a worldwide training and technical advice.

Able to design and build innovative products, Schnell has developed over the years a complete range of machines to meet all the needs of the reinforced industrialized production.

This site is dedicated to the mesh welding machine.

Schnell Spa Mesh Welding Machines

Schnell has adopted servomotors since 1989 becoming the first company in the sector to use this new technology with low environmental impact. Since then, electric servomotors are the heart of Schnell machines making them reliable, accurate, fast, less noise, and also environmentally friendly. Schnell machines do not pollute because there’s no use of oil, but high efficiency motors that optimize all processes and reduce the consumption of CO2 emissions. Today the Group’s companies manufacture a wide range of products: from the small job site machines to the big cutting plants and shaping centres; from the automatic bending robots to the powerful stirrups and shaping benders; from the assembling cages to the wire straightening machines ; from material handling systems to plants for the production of innovative building elements. And the software for the optimization of the whole reinforcing process.

Schnell’s attention to the continuous improvement of the organizational processes, to the quality and reliability of its products, has led the company to obtain the ISO 9001 quality system Certification, with the prestigious Institution TÜV Italy.